Nazar - Evil Eye Heart Charm

Nazar - Evil Eye Heart Charm

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This season, I wanted to bring you all a piece that inspired you to love yourself wholeheartedly. The evil eye is a concept in my culture, where on lookers, whether knowingly or not, wish ill on those around them, out of jealousy, anger, or their own lack of confidence. I however have caught myself giving the eye, to myself.

Just in case you have too, this evil eye heart charm, in brass or 25K plated gold is the perfect reminder to love and believe in yourself.

  • solid brass or 24k Gold plated brass option.

  • Come on a velvet ribbon, with gold + silver thread, and a needle.

  • Come in an envelope, just in case you want to gift it!

  • Made in Turkey, assembled in Ohmeed’s California based studio.

Velvet Ribbon:
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