Scalloped Watercolor Paper Plates


Time: 15-20 mins (for four plates)

Skill level: Super easy!

Other Supplies/Tips:

  • A really good eraser
  • A circle template
  • Metallic maker/paint pen
  • Paper towels


  • Paper plates (uncoated, no wax)
  • Non- toxic water colors or food coloring
  • Brushes
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • News paper to cover your work surface

Start with one color and spread it around the plate in a dabbing motion. The more water the more opaque the color will be.


Continue building your base color, but leave some of the plate unpainted.

Clean your brush with water, and add your second color.


If you add to much water, have a paper towel handy and dab some of the excess water off. It will remove some of the color, but by doing so, it will create a really neat effect! Add your third color, set your plate aside and repeat the process for how ever many plates you would like.


After your plates have dried, with your pencil, draw a scallop around the edge. Use a circle template if you want more consistent arcs.  

Then, using your pencil marks as a guide line, cut around the plate. It helps to flatten the edges of the plate if they are curved, it makes cutting the details a lot easier. 


Using a metallic paint pen, add some details, such as dots or a name. We recommend you do it on the outside where food will not touch, and voila you know have super cute custom paper plates!

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AMal + Team Studio FIG