I found myself looking in the mirror, and the first thing that came in my head was never positive. I let darkness and ugliness around me sink in. Let it tell me what I was worth, whether I was beautiful or not, strong, or worth anything at all. It came to the point that I was no longer looking in the mirror. I had nothing nice to say to myself, all while being in the business of making beautiful products in the this beautiful world - and finally enough was enough.

I knew the change had to start from me, so I started writing myself messages and surrounding myself with positive thoughts. The one above my desk - "keep your head up, everything will be okay". The one by my sewing machine - "do what makes you happy" , and the on my mirror - "you are enough."

Then I wrote one more, 

"Every day tell yourself that you are beautiful.
Every day remember your value, your strength, 
and that you are enough.
Every day, you be you.

Because the truth is, I am, you are, we are all beautiful, have value, are strong and in the end, enough. You can't possible be more than you, and you should not have to be. 

When it came to where to put this new piece of motivation, I thought this one was too important to keep to myself. I shared the idea of with mentor and friend Meghan Phillips, the owner of The Honey Agency, and she had the perfect person to letter it. This message needed the touch of a magical being, and I beyond honored that Ashely Rodseth used her magic to bring the Everyday Motto to life.

StudioFig_Everyday Motto –14 Square_Everyday Motto – Full.png

When I saw the mock up, I cried. The movement in each and every letter, made the message come to life. Thank you Ashely, Meghan, Team Honey, and all of you lovelies for reminding me that I am enough, just the way I am. I can only hope I do the same for you. 



There are a few more items I want to put this message on, so hold tight!