Chicago Pebble Pouch

What is a Chicago Pebble Pouch

This is the most common question I get since introducing the Chicago Pebble Pouch officially last fall. The answer? Well, it's anything you want it to be! A coin purse, wallet, a business card holder, cosmetic pouch, tech accessories holder... whatever you want! 

When I first designed it, I actually hated I put the prototype in a box for over two years before giving it another look. It was the Mr. who actually encouraged me to give it another try. A year later, I introduced it in five colors, and the first batch sold out! Over time, I have come to love it for it's simplicity, function, and the little gold Chicago screw (the gold button). 


How it is made? It is a mixture of modern technology and traditional hand craftsmanship, from the hole punches to the hand painted edges. The Italian leather is sourced in the US, and each one is made and assembled by me at Studio FIG.

The real magic is that there are only two materials in the CPP (short for Chicago Pebble Pouch): the leather and the 24k gold plated Chicago screw. That's it, there is no lining, no stitching, no "extra anything". It took many types of leather to finally decided on Italian Frenzy and Pebbled leather, and many Chicago screws before we got the right look, but it's a match made in design heaven.

Here at Studio FIG, the team and I are excited to expand the collection to new sizes and colors. Now with monogramming available, the CPP is now more personal then ever before! We hope you love your CPP too, and we encourage you to share your photos using #MYCPP!


xo, Amal