Calling All Dreamers

We are so happy to announce that we've made it to the finals of the
Calling All Dreamers Competition!

We are pitching the idea of a retail-studio in Downtown Sacramento. It is pretty much what is sounds like, part retail where you can buy off-the-shelf goods in the fields of fashion, interior and graphic design. The really cool thing about it, is some of the products will be ours, designed in house (that's the "studio" part), and others will be from local and US based designers and makers. We really want to make Sacramento be a design destination, and want our designers to stay here and make our city great!

Studio Fig Brick & Mortar Location
Things to look forward to:

  • Monthly Events - Such as fashion shows and pop-up shops - so local designers can get their designs out to the public, And design workshops so the community can get in touch with their creative side.
  • Bespoke design-in all three fields. Need a special dress? Personal Stationary? How about invitations to a special event? Well work with us and our design team and we will make it happen!
  • Hiring Local Designers & Interns: Yup, you heard right. We want to grow our brand with local designers. Internships and jobs will be available as we grow for those who love design as much as we do.  

In the next month, we will be meeting with our awesome mentor to refine our business plan and products, coming up with our store design, developing our workshops (any request, leave a comment), and getting ready for our final presentation to the DSP Committee on June 2nd. 

We have so much to do, but for now, lets enjoy these great store fronts and interiors that I have been using as inspiration for the future (iA) Studio FIG brick-and-mortar location. 

Thanks for following along lovelies! 

Best wishes, 


Amal IqbalComment