What does "FIG" Stand for?

FIG is the acronym for fashion, interior and graphic design. 

Why those three fields?

Amal likes to say the fields picked her, rather then her picking them. The shortest version of the story, the pursuit of education. Amal studied architecture and interior design at the local community college. From there she transferred to UC Davis and received her bachelor's in Landscape Architecture. No job prospects after graduation was a great opportunity to go to fashion school, FIDM to be exact. Still no job prospects meant getting creative, and naturally due to experience  and education over the past 10 years, led to starting a design studio with what Amal knows best: design.

Why is my order 'made to order'?

Here at Studio FIG, we believe in doing the right thing, one of those being as sustainable as possible. As we grow we will be able to gauge the popularity of our goods and the color ways they sell in. As much as we want Studio FIG to succeed as a business, we don't want to be wasteful and create just for the sake of creating. To mitigate and be resourceful with our supplies, every order is made as we get it. The exception is when we do pop-ups, where we come with a set number of items ready for sale. 


Who makes the goods?

All clothing and leather goods and greeting cards are made by Amal, in her home-based studios. 

All stationery items are made in the USA.

All brass items are made with wonderful manufactures over-seas. 

what can i monogram?

Currently we are offering free monogramming on the large notebooks (eight letters max.) and the leather pouches (three letters max.). To see what the monograming options are, please read more here.

For custom monogramming, please email us at

DO you wholesale?

Yes we do! Thank you for your interest in our goods. We would love to hear more about you, and what items of our you are interested in!

or email us at


More questions?

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